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Accelerate healing comfortably through a painless procedure

Why LipusPlus®?  The first and only medical device empowered by the synergy of Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound, Magnetic Fields, and Advanced Light Therapies for exceptional clinical results.

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Stimulate the body's natural healing process

LIPUS (Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound) employs sound waves at a gentle intensity to trigger the body's natural healing cascade. The rhythmic pattern of pulsing waves stimulates blood circulation, diminishes inflammation, and fosters tissue regeneration without causing major thermogenic effects. LIPUS is a non-invasive therapy that transmits energy transcutaneously to biological tissue. Clinical studies have demonstrated the therapeutic effects of LIPUS to accelerate the healing of fresh fracture, nonunion and delayed union. The effectiveness of LIPUS for the applications of soft-tissue regeneration, neuromodulation, mast cell degranulation and inhibiting inflammatory responses has also beenclinically evaluated.


In a season-long partnership during 2023-2024, Hammarby Handball and LipusPlus® joined forces to discover optimal injury treatments, closely monitoring progress and outcomes over time.

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Empowerment in Unity: LipusPlus embodies the power of 4-in-1 synergy for an unrivalled fast healing potential

Experience the Game-Changing power of LipusPlus® where doctors, sports medicine professionals, physiotherapists, chiropractors and athletes alike are transforming their approaches into more efficient rehabilitation practices.

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Revolutionize your treatments with LipusPlus®

The first evidence-based device combining: Low-Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound, Magnetic Field, Blue Light, and Cold Infrared Light Therapy.

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Latest Published study available

LipusPlus® Redefines Pain Management for Athletes With Acute Soft Tissue Injuries

Analysis revealed that the LipusPlus® therapy had a more pronounced impact on pain reduction compared to the Sham treatment

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